About Pennies for Patriots

Pennies for Patriots started in 2005 as a vehicle for the public to financially-assist injured warriors returning from conflict with combat injuries. Returning warriors face a host of challenges and have suffered severe injuries those in previous wars would have died from on the battlefield. Thankfully, they survived to fight another day, but their fight is to regain mobility, cognitive function, employment skills and financial success in exchange for their brave service to our country.

Pennies for Patriots is the premier organization for assessing those needs, raising funds and assisting applicants in achieving success in life upon return and recovery. To learn more about Pennies for Patriots, click "why P4P?", or more about P4P Vision, Mission and Goals, click here.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer member of the organization, want to help, have a story to share or a bright idea on how to raise funds, please contact the Executive Director, Mike McEntee, for more information or complete and mail the Volunteer Application form found here.